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Gojko Vukov-Colić / Gec

I left this part of the web to others to write a word about me. The first critic is Darin Jankovic

Today anyone can take a good, even a very good photo. Modern digital technology has made it possible for anyone, even with the simplest tool like a slightly better mobile phone, to take a completely correct photo. However, what if very well or correctly is not good enough? What if photography is part of a challenging project, what must be a unique illustration of a graphic work, what must convey the emotion or information in the best way?

Then those who do top photography come into the scene, professionals of their work in every sense: when it comes to talent, experience and equipment. One of the best is Gojko Vukov-Colic whom the public has known as Gec for years. For over 35 years, this formally educated photographer, primarily with his talent and professionalism, has been successfully operating and creating across Croatia and the world. The genre made no choice: with equal fervor for artistic photography, portraits, nudes or landscapes. He has photographed both sports and fashion, equally brilliant in reporter and studio photography. Cars, houses and show stars were changing in front of his facility. Proof of its versatility is a reference list, probably unique in Croatia, featuring all the leading media outlets, top companies in a wide variety of business disciplines. All of them hired Gec for their unique talent and something else: a positive attitude where there are no unsolvable problems and top professionalism.

Therefore, if you are one of those who is not good enough, only the superior is good enough, Gec is your logical choice. Because the professionalism and eye of the artist cannot be replaced by any technology.

Darin Janković

Director of JATO Dynamics Ltd

ex. Editor-in-Chief of "Car Engine and Sport"

ex. Sports Editor Auto club

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